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On June 7, 2015
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SmartApp lock is a security android application build for smart users who tend to manage their smartphone with password. Custom pack with lots of features, this app is perfect for locking applications.

Do you love your smartphone ?

Probably yes, and you certainly won’t like to loose it. When you use a Smartphone for a while, you customize it according to your needs.

You install apps that you like, you use wallpapers that you love and grow your collection of songs and videos.

Over the passage of time you also grow some kind of bond with your Smartphone.

After having so much done, you probably won’t like anyone to mess it up.

Let it be your neighbor’s naughty son or your best buddies, it’s OK if you don’t want them to spoil your Smartphone. There can be hundreds of songs and videos, important and private stuff and many more things. This makes it a necessity to use password to manage your Smartphone.

From the large number of android apps on play store I’ve tested dozens of security/password locking apps. One such security application I love using is Smartapp lock. I’ve used this android application for a complete year ( and I am still using it ) and it is also among my recommended list of Top 10 android apps.

SmartApp Lock ~ Perfect Android Security App

Smartapp lock android app review

SmartApp lock is an amazing security application developed by Spsoft. The long list of security features this application offers are ~

  • Password based lock
  • Pattern based lock
  • Gesture based lock
  • Separate password for separate app
  • Screen rotation lock
  • Screen lock off
  • Remote control
  • Home screen lock
  • Gallery lock
  • Warning alarm
  • Lock system functions ( such as Bluetooth, 3g, Installing apps etc )

SmartApp Lock Review ~ Features

Lock applications ~ you must have quite a handsome number of applications installed in your phone. It isn’t necessary that you are comfortable with anyone using your applications. Applications such as Facebook, messenger, whatsapp, messaging etc mostly contain private and sensitive data. This makes protecting these apps essential.

Smartapp lock featuresSmartapp lock has three amazing methods to restrict app access. You can lock your apps with a password, pattern, or a gesture. Depending upon your need and taste, you can lock application with any of these three methods.

You can also use “stealth” mode to hide pattern/gesture while drawing them. This protects anyone to know your pattern or gesture. When stealth mode is checked, whatever pattern/gesture made isn’t shown.

In number based password there is an option to randomize number placements. The placement changes every time so no-one can memorize your pattern.

smartapp lock fake appWhen you lock an application with the app, there is an option to “fake” the app lock. When the feature is activated the app locked shows an error message saying “Sorry, unfortunately this application has stopped”. For most of your friends who aren’t aware of this app, it would look like as if the application has hanged or stopped responding.

Separate password for separate app ~ Just like using one password on all accounts is un-safe, using one password for all applications is stupidity too. If someone gets to know that one password, he/she can do anything with your Smartphone.

With the smart “profiles” and “multiple password” features, you can lock different applications with different passwords.

It is recommended that you use same password for a group of apps and separate unique password for “settings”.

Screen rotation lock ~ Do you hate when your Smartphone’s screen rotates itself ?

If yes, you can lock some applications that you want the screen rotation should not change.

Screen lock off ~ The situation can get nasty if your screen turns off suddenly when doing something on your device. Most common times this can happen is when you are watching videos, or doing similar stuff where your device is idle ( i.e you are not touching it ) but some process or application is going on.

You can easily add applications to the screen lock list. After applications are added, screen won’t turn off.

Home screen lock ~ Unsatisfied with the default password system to lock home screen ? Let it be any reason you can always use the home screen lock feature to lock your home with a password, gesture or pattern.

The most amazing thing in pattern lock is you can decide the number of dots. The minimum number of dots is 1, and I never counted the maximum number of dots.

Warning Lock (Observer) ~ Want to get notified if someone is messing up with your Smartphone? The amazing observer feature lets you know when and who messed up with your device.

smart app lock featuresYou can set the number of maximum number of times for password attempts. When the limit gets exceeded, observer sets a loud alarm ( regardless if your device is silent or not ).

You can customize observer to speak a custom voice message too. If your Smartphone has a front camera, observer can also record who entered wrong passwords.

Even if your smartphone isn’t equipped with front-camera, observer will record videos ( from back camera of course )

Smart app lock password Lock System functions ~ Using this application you can also lock system functions such as ~ Incoming calls, Outgoing calls, Mobile data (3g,4g) , WiFi, Bluetooth, Recent apps, USB connection, new app auto lock, app info page.

This can be damn useful if you want to prevent anyone using your Smartphone to make a call, use your data balance, wifi and Bluetooth balance, connect your device to computer or check the app info page ( to prevent any app from installing ).

What if you forgot your password ?

Forgetting pattern or Gesture lock ~ If you forgot your pattern or gesture, you can unlock your Smartphone easily with the password mode. The password button is placed on pattern or gesture lock screen.

Forgetting password ~ It isn’t any out of the world thing if you forget your password. With so many passwords in mind, there is a possibility that you forget your password.

You can unlock your device with security question. And in the worst situation you can reset your password with your registered email.

So, it can be concluded that forgetting password isn’t a issue to worry about in the smartapp lock.

Bag it or grab it ?

If you are wondering whether you should install this application or not, I’ll recommend installing this application. I rate this application 4 out of 5. This app has quite a lot of features.

Final words ~ There isn’t much going behind the scenes of this application. The app asks for permissions only needed to run the app properly. Quite a few days ago I posted a review about another security app, if you missed it, you can check it here.

If you use this app in your smartphone, let me know about your experience in the comments below. And if you aren’t using the app, then I suggest you download and start using it. You can also comment about any security app that you might be using in your device.

If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, leave them in comments below.

SmartApp lock is a security android application build for smart users who tend to manage their smartphone with password. Custom pack with lots of features, this app is perfect for locking applications.
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Joy Healey

Hi Rachit,

You never cease to amaze me with the number of things my Smart Phone is capable of!

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    Rachit Singh

    Hi joy,

    Probably a smartphone is capable of a lot of things majority of users aren’t aware of. I’ll keep my best efforts in future as well to review some of the best applications for your device.

Neeraj Gupta


Such a nice application to protect your phone from unauthorized users. good work i appreciate it and i will also share it with my friends and relatives.
thanks a lot for sharing information
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    Rachit Singh

    I am Glad I could provide such an application. It is a must to use app for a smartphone. Do share it with your friends, relatives. And don’t forget to share your experience here as well.
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