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social networking Today I am happy to distribute my First E-book “Create your networking website for beginners” among my readers. It took me quite a hard work to put together this E-book and before publishing I distributed this E-book among my co-bloggers for valuable feedbacks and suggestions.

A lot of co-bloggers and friends advised me I shouldn’t distribute this E-book free of cost. The E-book is step-by-step detailed guide with which you can start your own social networking website like Facebook.  Yes, you read it right, like Facebook !

I myself created a Social networking Website and integrated it into Hacknovations Blog. But due to high flowing traffic and increasing storage needs I had to take the website down. A lot of readers , friends registered on it and everything worked fine. I tested the script more than thrice to make sure the site works fine even after days of installation, so that you need not to worry about messy codes and programming.

Why Create a Social networking Website ?

Why should I create a social networking website ? You might wonder. Suppose you run a blog with high traffic, you can create a social network and get to know your readers more closely. Moreover when I asked why friends why would they like to create social networking website. They told me that they can create it for their relatives, friends and family.

You can create a social networking website for any community you are interested to strengthen the bond with. Such as Blogengage is a social network for bloggers ( You can read more about it from this article ).

Suppose you are in office, you can create a website for all office members to join and share their words. Also, if you are in a school, you can create such a site for school staff, teachers and students to get together.

You can also make a social network for profit. However to create a social network for profit you would have to spend a lot of dollars out of your pocket to get it into spotlight.

What the Website Would Look like ?

create social networking site

The Website you’ll create as taught in the E-book will end with a website somewhat like Facebook. The screenshot above is a real snapshot. Your Social network would have amazing features such as – like, share, comment, messaging, status update, photo upload, profile editing, notifications, ad management , admin panel, quick announcements, user profiles, mass emailing, custom icon, logo, Generate sitemap, take backups and much more.

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How is this E-book a Resource to You ?

The E-book is a step-by-step detailed guide which can help you create a social networking website for free and that too without touching even a single line of codes !

Coding a Website is not walk in a park , specially not a social network. If you start to code it manually you will waste a lot of valuable time. Instead you can use this E-book to Get your Social networking website started in less than 30 minutes !

This E-book lacks no steps and is filled with screen-shots for every step so that you don’t get carried away at any stage in creating your site. Also, there are a lot of E-books which can guide you to create Social networks, but nearly all of them would promote affiliate products and ask you to buy expensive scripts. This is not what My E-book does, it guides you to create a website without purchasing anything except for Web-hosting and domain name.

How much would it cost to start a Social network ?  If you already have a domain name and web-hosting then it would take nothing for you to get started a social network. If you are new at this you should first purchase a domain name and web-hosting.

You can use my affiliate link for exclusive discount on Ipage’s web hosting. With the discount it would cost you only $23 to get your social networking website started.

It doesn’t matter if you have a blog running on your domain name, you can install it on sub-directory on your website such as

Download the Free E-book and Build your social Network Today !

Final words – Although I made the E-book as detailed as possible, If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments. If you face any trouble while setting up your social networking website, drop a comment and I’ll soon sort your problem out.

If you download the E-book , don’t forget to drop your valuable feedback , suggestions and opinions in the comments below. Your comments and suggestions would help to make my upcoming E-book even better.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Well I guess I was looking for this tutorial since a long time and I’m gonna check the ebook now.

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    Rachit Singh

    Hi bro,

    Thanks a lot, Do let me know your feedback and suggestions after reading the E-book.



Hi Rachit

Today every body uses social network site but they don’t know how to create it …like me
But today I got a awesome info. now I can make my own social network site …
Thanks Rachit for sharing with us wonderful info article

Keep blogging

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Bro,

    Thanks a lot for commenting. The Ebook is a detailed guide and explains how to create a social network. It has screenshots too. Do let me know your feedbacks and suggestions after reading the E-book.

Rakshit Joshi

Hello! My name is Rakshit and I will be reviewing this e-book today! Please keep in mind that this is my strict opinion on this e-book and may vary depending on the reader. In no way does this official review vouch for the creator or the validity of the e-book contents. Let’s begin!



The quality of this eBook is amazing. The creator has provided screenshots with detailed steps and prerequisites for every step.

The creator has done his best to ensure that the most general users will understand the method. But some newbies may require some past hands-on experience with the “internet”.

LAYOUT: 9/10
The layout is amazing. The eBook feels and looks premium and attractive from the beginning. Not like any other dull eBook.

There are a few grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors but none that affect readability.

I have seen similar methods to this one, but none that are exactly like this. And this is the best presented method out of those.

    Rachit Singh

    Hey bro,

    Thanks a lot for reviewing the E-book. Its so kind of you to take out time and point various elements out. I’ll surely work on my week points from now.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Congratulations on producing your book, you’ve obviously worked hard to be able to create such a site.

It’s not something I feel the need to do myself, but I’ll certainly share it in case others wish to do so.


    Rachit Singh

    I Really worked hard for the E-book. Missed nearly two celebration nights and parties.

    Thanks Joy, I hope you’ll like the E-book.


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