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SocialPilot lets you take social media posting to the next level. Social pilot is a amazing socialmedia scheduling tool, spread your posts across all social media profiles at once.

Social media is considered one of the important aspects when it comes to measure a blog’s popularity of if it comes to drive traffic to the blog. Socialpilot is a social media scheduling tool which makes it easy for you to manage and schedule posts and social media profiles. In my previous article I talked about Hotjar , its a awesome tool to record heatmaps, polls etc. In this article I’ll introduce you to Socialpilot and tell how it can make your social media management easy.

Several personalities such as Film stars, models, public figures, media , players etc have a huge fan following which reflects on Social media as well. Across all the social media websites, their profiles are over laden with fans and followers. This makes it pretty hard for them to manage their social profiles individually, as you know they are popular across various networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram etc.

socialpilot  review

The same is a problem for us bloggers as well, although many of you might not have a huge fan circle around you. But still, after a post is published it has to be shared on several social networks to attract reader attention.

Let me make it clear with my personal example. After I publish an article on this blog, I have the following places to share the article in order to get readers from social media – My Facebook profile, My Facebook page, three facebook groups, 2 twitter profiles, my linkedin profile , google+ , google+ page. The total is 10, if I contribute as much as 3 minutes, then I would be spending half-an-hour in just promoting the post.

This is where SocialPilot helps me and saves time.

SocialPilot Review : Why Social Pilot ?

As a blogger you must be part of various social networks. Your readers would be distributed over these networks and you need their attention to drive traffic to your blog.

The thing is , you can’t ignore any of these networks because you never know which can provide you with targeted traffic. Neither can you predict your readers, some are facebook fans, some are hardcore twitter followers while some want to feel professional with linkedin. You never know on which social network you “About-to-become-reader” might spot your post. This makes it essential for you to share the updates along all social networks.

If you are thinking to do it manually then It’ll waste a lot of time. Socialpilot not only saves your time but also lets you post updates on these networks when you are away !

This is what we called scheduling. You can select the time, day and which posts/updates to update, and Socialpilot will publish them.

How SocialPilot Helps me When I’m away ..

I visit my hometown for about a month every year. During this time I don’t use the internet or even computer. But my social profiles regularly update posts and reader are consistently engaged. Because I don’t like loosing readers for the reason that I was away and no updates were posted on my page. And you must be aware, its hard to get readers back once they are gone. So better make them stick to your blog.

What I do is simple, I schedule my old and popular posts to be posted once in a day on Facebook, twitter and linkedin.  This way posts are cycled every day, my blog receives traffic from both search engines and Social media.

This is How SocialPilot lets me enjoy my holidays without me having the worry to loose readers.

Why you’ll Love SocialPilot ?

  • Lets you integrate your social accounts for multiple posting at once.
  • Lets you integrate your blog feed so that posts are spread on all your social accounts as soon as they are published.
  • Lets you schedule your posts to be shared later.
  • Lets you integrate into WordPress and Spread posts as they are published.
  • Lets you create groups to update posts in specific Social networks as well.

Using Social Pilot – Connecting Social profiles

socialpilot connect account

You can easily connect your social media accounts as shown in the screen shot above. The only network I guess they missed it Google+. But you can easily authenticate and add your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin stuff over to your profile. Adding your accounts is an easy process and takes no more than one minute.

Authentication is safe and necessary as they need to post on your behalf.

Using SocialPilot – Creating Schedules

Scheduling and timing is what Socialpilot is all about ! You can easily create your own schedules, customizing days, time as for when posts are updated on social networks. To create you own schedule you need to go the Manage accounts section. There you can change time, days and change time zone as well.


Using SocialPilot ~ Create a Post

Creating a posts takes not much time. Once you go to the Create post section, the following page appears asking you for details and which profiles you want to spread it on.

create new post

Enter Your post details and select the profiles you want to spread them on. After this you can either add to Queue or share it immediately.

Sign Up for Free and Use SocialPilot.

Final words – I’ll rate SocialPilot 4 out of 5 stars.  I’ve been using Socialpilot for quite a time now, and I found it worth using and sharing it with you. Social pilot has a free and as well as a premium plan. The free plan works well but if you are looking for something big or have a very wide social network, then you should probably use the premium plans. The Free plan limits your post scheduling to 20 posts on the day, while there is no limit in the premium account.

Although I suggest you use the free plan for couple of days to see how things are working out for you.

Socialpilot makes it quite easy for me to schedule posts and spread them across even when I’m away. Also, the group functionality makes it easier for you to spread the post on specific networks quickly. You can also select profiles and groups when you are creating/scheduling a post.

Over to you – If you’ve used Socialpilot or if you are an existing user of it, do share your experience and opinions in the comments below. Additionally, if you are about to use socialpilot, don’t forget to leave your experience in the comments.

So, Are You going to use Socialpilot ?

SocialPilot lets you take social media posting to the next level. Social pilot is a amazing socialmedia scheduling tool, spread your posts across all social media profiles at once.
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Enstine Muki

I use this tool too and it’s absolutely impressive. I love how you can link your feed url and have it post new items for you automatically.

Great tool buddy
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    Rachit Singh

    I love the Feature too, Thanks for sharing your views and taking time to comment.


I would give it a try and report later.

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks a lot for coming and taking your time to comment. Do come back to post your feedback.

Bilal Tahir Khan

I Have not use this tool. But after reading your post and Review I’ll use it Thanks for Sharing with use keep up it
Have a nice week ahead.
Bilal Tahir Khan Recently wrote an article Mobile SEO Tips To Help You Survive The Coming Google Mobilegeddon

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Tahir,
    Thanks for commenting, if you need a coupon, I can provide you a exclusive coupon with which you can use premium services for one month.


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