Free keyword Research Tool keyword researchAmong several major aspects of SEO, comes keyword research. Keyword research in simple words is a research done by a blogger to know about the keywords which are popular on search engines to include in his blog post, which would in turn rank him up. Followed by the rule of the nature which says no pain no gain, the more popular the keyword is the greater is going to be your competition be. Thanks to long tail keywords which gradually decrease the competition, sort of.

seo long trail keywords

Look above the two pictures carefully, when you compete for just a word SEO you face as much as 36,50,00,000 competitors, which reduce to 4,99,000 if you make it more specific. The conclusion is simple, more specific you are, less competition you have to face.

Keyword research comes to Game

Keyword researching makes sure you use keywords which are currently in trend. Or for which people search a lot. . Several keyword research tools are free such as google adwords external, Google trends, SEO book etc. In addition to these there are paid research tools too.

The keyword research tool I am talking about today is the The site itself serves as a keyword research tool. Unlike some tools listed above, this combines the search potential of Google, yahoo, amazon, WikiPedia, bing, youtube and

Using’s Keyword research tool :

  1. Open
  2. In the search bar located in the middle, enter the keyword you wish to see popularity of.
  3. As soon as you finish your typing, search engines located at respective places would show up the data in their database (whether the term is in their database or not)

Pick up a keyword which has maximum appearance in all the search engines, then put it to use in your blog post. Ideally place the keywords in post heading, H2 heading, introduction para, conclusion para and img alt description. Make sure you don’t stuff your post with too many keywords, If done so, Google won’t hesitate to penalize your blog !

Final words : I hope you would have liked reading the article. I’ll publish another article on keyword research soon. As I discussed above in the article, keywords are important. Not to forget the fact that long tail keywords decrease your competition. When you get the right keyword you should consider making it a long tail to decrease your competition, but not compromise with the content.

If you think I missed something between, if you have any feedback, opinions and suggestions tell me in the comments below.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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