Things to do After a Fresh WordPress Install

In my Last Article I Mentioned the Fact to add an Article on things and configuration to do after Fresh Windows Installation. In this Article I am doing the same. One of the Best ways to do this is contact a Professional to set-up a WordPress Blog for you. But Still, You can Easily make these configurations in Your WordPress. The Changes you should make after a Fresh Installation of WordPress Installation :

1. Change The Title, Tagline

The first three steps can be combined into one because you can quickly make those changes in the same area of your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Go to Settings > General

Changing title and tagline of your WordPress site


2. Change Your Permalink Structure

Unfortunately, the default permalink structure — the URL structure that tacked on the end of your site name — of WordPress is not very Google friendly. As that is the case, you should be sure to alter this to something else.

Changing permalinks in WordPress

Go back to Settings and then select Permalink from the menu. There you will find a few different choices for setting a new structure. The best ones to use are either the Day and Name or Post Name options.

Select the one you prefer and then save your changes.

3. Configure the Reading Settings

While in the Settings area of your dashboard, you should also configure the Reading settings. Here you can set what your front page display will be.

Reading settings

Navigate over to the Reading option in the menu and decide if you want your front page to show your latest posts or if you want to use a static page. Make your choice and then save your changes. You can always change this one later, so don’t feel too pressured.

4. Delete Unused Themes

Most WordPress users will install and test a few themes before deciding on one that’s a keeper. Instead of leaving those unused themes installed, be sure to delete them. Themes even ones that go unused, will need updates.

Leaving them there can create the unnecessary chore of updating them. And not updating them can create a hazard to your sites safety as it can give hackers a way in.

Thankfully, deleting unused themes is a snap. Simply find the menu item named Appearance, and then go to themes. To delete a given theme, you need to hover over it and select Theme Details. After that, a window will open and the option to delete the theme will be available there.

5. Install a Cache Plugin

Why a cache plugin? Because it can help speed up your site. Caching helps take the load off your server and make your site faster. This is great for SEO as well as prevents your site from crashing during heavy load times.

Below are a couple of cache plugins that you can use in your WordPress site:

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache – This plugin can likely lay claim to being the most powerful cache plugin available for WordPress users. It has a ton of options for boosting your site and is a popular plugin of choice for CDN integration. The plugin really does pack a punch and can easily mess things up if you’re not sure how to configure it properly. If you’ve never used the plugin before, it may be better to start small before using this one.

WP Super Cache – This one is a bit easier to start using, and yes, it’s still a great cache plugin. Simply install it and turn on caching, and you’re one step closer to a faster site. There are other options that come with the plugin, just be sure you know what you’re selecting before you hit save.

6. Improving WordPress Security

By Default your Blog is Quite prone to spam. In the First week of my Installation I received up to 200 Spam comments, 299 Fake Registrations and 100 Fake Emails. This is Quite Frustrating Mainly the spam comments and Fake registration. You can improve your wordpress security By Installing some security Plugins. The one I trust is WordFence Security Plugin.

7. Install an Anti-Spam Plugin

No one likes spam. Spammy comments are a huge headache for many WordPress site owners. Not only are they irritating, they’re also bad for SEO. To help alleviate the problems that come from this issue, you should install an anti-spam plugin on your site. There are a lot of Plugins which can help you with fighting with spam. Some of them are : WP-Spam Shield Anti-Spam, and Anti-spam by CleanTalk (no CAPTCHA).

8. Install A SEO WordPress Plugin

SEO is an important part of any website. To ensure that your blog posts are getting maximum results, you need to optimize them using an SEO plugin. Though these types of plugins don’t automatically boost SEO, they do help you make the most of your blog posts.

WordPres SEO plugin

9. Optimize For Social Media Sharing via Sharing Plugins

First off, is this really important? Yes, absolutely! You shouldn’t wait for your site to get traffic before optimizing your site for social shares. The best and easiest way to optimize your site for social shares is to use a Social Sharing Plugin.

There are hundreds of these to choose from, and some of them shouldn’t be used as they tend to slow down site speed. However, there are others that get the job done without bogging you down.

Final Words : I Hope this article would have help you configure your WordPress Installation. If you encountered any problems while following these steps (Which I hope you wouldn’t) ask it in the comments Below.

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