Top 10 Apps for Nokia XL , X Series Smartphones 2015

After Microsoft purchased nokia, they completely re-designed the nokia experience. Right after this they brought in the market their very own “Xseries. The series came with a built in android emulator to support android applications. The smart-phone supports quite a large variety of applications.

But there are handful of applications that either don’t run or don’t function properly. Its been now an year that I bought nokia x. Being a curious user, I’ve tested hundreds of applications on it. These included both games and apps. With the time I got to know which apps work the best. And with the same experience, I am writing now this article. Today I’ll present you a list of Top 10 Apps for your Nokia X series smartphones. These apps would enrich your smartphone experience.

Top 10 Apps for Nokia Xl ( X ) Series Smartphones

Top 10 Apps for Nokia X Series Smartphones

1. UC-Browser ~ This app should probably be in this list. If you’ve ever used nokia X, you’d know that the default browser lacks in functionality and performance. This browser includes amazing features to enrich your browsing experience. The list of features include ~ Multi tab support, Download manager, Full screen, Bookmarks, Video manager, Themes, Zoom view, Night mode, notifications and advanced add-ons for extending support.

2. Mobogenie ~ The default nokia app store misses a lot of apps. It is not much attractive either. And above all it needs to be updated more than the apps. Instead of wasting time in it, you can download a third-party app market such as Mobogenie. It has a attractive GUI ( Graphical user interface ) , lots of android applications, music, videos, books and much more. Mobogenie itself detects which application is outdated and asks you to update the application. The default app store from nokia itself suggests a number of third-party markets.

3. MX Player ~ Videos are a great source of entertainment. If you love watching movies and video songs, you might not love the default gallery’s video player. The default player isn’t able to play all the video extensions. The MX player can play a lot of video extensions. Other features of this app include folder-wise sorting out of videos, changing between decoders, changing audio tracks if there are multiple audio tracks, locking screen while playing. You customize the player and its button from the settings. The app also has an awesome feature to import and export settings and customizations made.

4. Camera Zoom FX ~ The default camera app isn’t so much attractive and doesn’t offer much customization or effects. Camera Zoom FX allows you to take pictures and edit them. The app has amazing features such as Stable shot, timer, voice activated, burst, collage, time lapse and much more. You can make your shot perfect by adding horizon line ( It doesn’t has any impact on picture you are clicking ). If your picture isn’t perfect enough you can edit the picture within the app. While editing the pics you have amazing effects such as color combinations ( lomo, vintage, cinematic, funky and color splash ) , effects ( Mirror, Distort, tilt-shift ) , Frame ( simple, styled, vignette ), composite and crop. You can also create a collage of your photos.

5. Battery Doctor ~ A quickly draining battery can be shocking. And some times a issue to worry about too. Battery doctor helps you extend your battery life. With an amazing save power button you can check for apps and process that are draining battery juice and stop them immediately. The app also has a unique “trickle stage” which extends battery life if completed while charging. One amazing feature in the app is wallpaper charging that lets you charge your phone faster. You can also switch modes according to your needs. The best mode for power saving is the super saving mode. Additionally this app also tells which application consumes most of the battery juice.

6. Smart AppLock ~ The traditional pattern lock was amazing. Sadly, nokia didn’t integrate that feature. Smart AppLock is a security application that lets you lock your apps , phone functions with a pattern lock, password or even a gesture lock. You can even lock your homescreen with pattern lock. The app comes with a cute small widget which can be placed on the home screen to lock/unlock all apps in one touch.

7. 360 Security Suite ~ In my previous article I introduced this awesome security app. For a complete and detailed review, check out this post. The app offers more than one feature to be specific. This single application has a lot of features such as Junk data cleaner, phone booster, anti-virus, firewall, lost phone tracker, call and sms filter, app manager, data monitor and tracking and much more. The app protects your smart-phone from the threats in real time and scans newly scanned apps too. The app is a complete suite in itself, packed with awesome features to make your smartphone more faster, cleaner and secure.

8. Launcher S3 ~ I accept the default looks of this smartphone can be non-pleasing. But this doesn’t mean you can’t improve it. Launcher S3 changes the default vertical sliding and irritating homescreen to a more friendly horizontal sliding and wallpaper based home screen. The launcher is fast and works without glitches. You can also hide/unhide apps in the appdrawer. Some other features of this launcher includes customizable wallpapers, sorting icons, add/remove widgets on the home. Wallpaper and sliding effects can be changed and customized from within the app too. However this app doesn’t support live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are not supported in Nokia X , no matter what app/launcher you use ; unless you’ve rooted your phone.

9. ShareIT ~ Do you love exchanging songs, movies and apps with your friends ? If yes, you must have felt that the bluetooth is not suited for larger files such as movies and large apps. Using shareit you can transfer apps from one smartphone to another at blazing speeds. The reason behind this crazy speed is it doesn’t make use of bluetooth. It uses wifi instead. The sender and receiver are connected to hotspot created by app and files are exchanged at awesome speeds.

10. Kingston Office ~ If you are a student, you might need this app. Majority of the people around use microsoft office in their computers. And the files created with microsoft office are non-readable in nokia X. Kingston office lets you open/edit/format microsoft office files such as word files, excel spreadsheets etc. The application also lets you open and read pdf files in your phone easily. The application is quite useful for a user like me because I can make notes, word documents easily on my smart-phone and share/open them on PC as well. Kingston office has an average rating of 4.5 and can open all microsoft office files in addition to pdf files.

Final words – Although the article is titled Top 10 apps for nokia X, but these apps can work fine in every android device. All these apps are compatible and run fine on nokia x series. I’ve used these apps for half-an-year and recommend them to every nokia X series user.

If you are a Nokia X series user and know some better apps, let me know those apps in the comments below so that I can improve this list. If you’ve ever used any of the apps listed above, do post your feedback and experience in the comments below.

Apps extend the functionality of the phone and make it more friendly and easy for us. I am sure majority of you would be using smartphones. But, you need to be cautious while installing apps. As many applications can be a malware and harm your smartphone.

Let me know your favorite android apps in the comments below.

Rachit Singh

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Atul Sharma

Amazing list of applications and x series of nokia is quite good.

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks for your kind words. I agree that Nokia X is quite good series, if you don’t to use it for playing games.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Another great list of phone apps – before I’ve even managed to check out the last one you reviewed. The one that most attracts me here is the 360 Security for Android.

Have a good weekend, Joy

    Rachit Singh

    I Agree, 360 Security is an awesome app. You might love battery doctor as well. And as always, thanks for commenting.

Bilal Tahir khan

Hi Rachit bro,
Superb list of apps but ShareIT app is very awesome really great.very fast exchanging.and all other apps will also helpful.
Thanks for sharing.keep up it.
Have a nice week ahead.
Bilal Tahir khan Recently wrote an article How to Detect AdBlock Users in WordPress Blogs

    Rachit Singh

    Looks like you’ve used the shareit app. Well, I agree its a great app. Thanks for sharing your opinion on the app.

Vishal Chopra

Smartapplock is a very great apps to protect whatsapp or any other apps.
Vishal Chopra Recently wrote an article Top 5 Indian Job Portal Sites For Fresher, Experienced

    Rachit Singh

    Yes I agree. Smartapp lock is probably one of the best app lockers out there in the market.


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