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UC Browser Review ~ Best Smart Web-Browser

Are you Irritated with the default web-browser your smart-phone came with ? If you said, you are not alone. I’ve used dozens of smartphones but never fall in love with the built in browser they came with. They are couple of reasons why they aren’t so good. For a smart user, a web-browser is a […]

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SmartApp Lock Android App Review

Do you love your smartphone ? Probably yes, and you certainly won’t like to loose it. When you use a Smartphone for a while, you customize it according to your needs. You install apps that you like, you use wallpapers that you love and grow your collection of songs and videos. Over the passage of […]

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Top 10 Apps for Nokia XL , X Series Smartphones 2015

After Microsoft purchased nokia, they completely re-designed the nokia experience. Right after this they brought in the market their very own “X” series. The series came with a built in android emulator to support android applications. The smart-phone supports quite a large variety of applications. But there are handful of applications that either don’t run […]

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360 Security Android Application Review

Security is one of the prime concerns for me. Rather it is blog or my android smart-phone , I want it free of malwares. Quite some days back when I published a review about Bitstrips ( an android application to create comics and cartoons ) I mentioned that I’ll be introducing more android apps. Today […]

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