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How SEO Hits The Bottom Line of Your Blog

When it comes to the figures of online income, SEO is one of the prime elements that hits the bottom line. Additionally, It is the one of the most ignored aspects as well. People assume that traffic would automatically come from “somewhere” if they continue writing posts. When we work online, we don’t have a […]

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Engage visitors ?

It’s every blogger and webmaster’s dream to rank high in the search results. Position of a website in search result is governed by several algorithms and techniques. One such major metrics which is being used now-a-days by modern search engines is the Bounce rate. What is Bounce rate? Basically bounce rate is decided by the […]

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SEO 101 : Basics of on page SEO

SEO (Search engine Optimization) is an important factor in a website/blog’s success. A website which is not being indexed by Google is next to dead. If you aren’t on showing up on Google’s search results, then you are missing a lot of audience. There are several factors apart from quality which are responsible for the […]

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