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Falling Alexa Rank and How to Fix it

For the past many days, there has been a thing about this blog which has haunted me. That is its falling Alexa rank. I wasn’t consistent on this blog for a month. The results were drop in traffic which then reflected on the Alexa. My blog’s rank grew up to 80k global. Right after which […]

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Introduction to Facebook Marketing

According to, Facebook is currently an active community of 1.23 billion users. There is no doubt why Facebook is one of the social giants on the web. With so many users on a social network, there is no better way to maximize your exposure, and get your message seen by a huge base of […]

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5 Killer Ways to Increase Sales on Fiverr

Ever heard of Fiverr ? No, thats not a typo ! I am talking about that community where every thing starts from $5. Fiverr is better defined as a market place where sellers and buyers gathers. Although everything starts at an affordable price of $5, you have a potential of earning more than $300 per […]

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