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Monthly Report : July 2015

This month my blog experienced a great increase in traffic. The traffic increased almost 2x ! As per my student life, this month had been a busy one. It was a hard time for me to find time and publish articles on this blog. The upcoming months are even harder I guess. As I have […]

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Monthly Report : June 2015 + Travel pics

The time seems to be moving very fast. It was January, this year when I started writing monthly engagement reports. With the year moving so fast, we are just half-way of 2015 ! Earlier this month, I updated that I’ll spend these holidays in my hometown. In this article, I’ll share engagement report as well […]

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Monthly Report : May 2015

This month worked great, in most of the aspects. Its still one day more for the month to end and I am packing my stuff as I’d be going to my hometown. In my article How to be productive in holidays I mentioned that I’ll be leaving for a month long trip. Talking about this […]

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Monthly Report : April 2015

Its the First day of the new month as I am writing this post. Moments ago I had a haircut and took a bath, with a fresh mood I though to write a monthly report for the month of April. I announced in my yearly report that I am now in the 12th standard, which […]

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Monthly Report : March 2015

Finally March is about to end, this month hadn’t been so great in comparison to other months i.e January and February. This month I tried more than one crazy thing on Hacknovations , although I learned a lot this month. I realize that I hadn’t been updating this blog as often as I do regularly. […]

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