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On July 12, 2015
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UC Browser is possibly the only browser you need for your smartphone. The browser is built in with smart features like Download accelerator, Manager, Video player, themes, add-ons and much more.

Are you Irritated with the default web-browser your smart-phone came with ?

If you said, you are not alone. I’ve used dozens of smartphones but never fall in love with the built in browser they came with. They are couple of reasons why they aren’t so good. For a smart user, a web-browser is a must to have thing. Majority of the users browser the INTERNET from their smartphones. For an interactive experience on smartphone, web-browser is a necessity. Google play is filled with thousands of applications claiming to be the best browser for your smartphone. Over the time I’ve used dozens of such apps on my device, out of them the one I found worth sharing was UC Browser.

uc browser review

UC Browser Review : Introduction

UC Browser for android is a smart product from ucwebs. The browser is available for all major platforms such as android, ios, windows, blackberry, for pc’s etc. In this review I’ll stick with the android version only. This application was on the top of my top 10 android applications. The browser complies up couple of smart features together.

This application has dozens of smart features inside it to boost your INTERNET browsing experience. Some of the awesome features built inside this browser are as follows ~ Add ons, night mode, screen orientation, themes, bookmarks, full-screen browsing, download accelerator, advanced page scroll, download manager, video player and manager.

UC Browser Review : Features

Video player ~ There is no doubt that youtube is optimized for mobile devices. But there are thousands of websites in which videos aren’t embedded properly. Apart from this some browsers aren’t able to play videos properly. With this application playing videos is walk in a park.

The browser has a built in video player and video management system. The video player auto-captures video downloads. It also provides you with an option to play the video online without download. You can also download the video or save it cloud.

The video manager saves the list of every possible video that you might have watched on your device. You can view the last seen videos from video history, clear the history or even play the videos saved on the device. One awesome feature this player offers is you can directly play videos saved on your smartphone. The video player provides with functions such as increase/decrease volume,brightness, skip, fast forward videos etc.

uc browser

Left Side has Normal Mode and Right Side has Night mode

Night mode ~ Do you use your smart-phone to browse the web in the night ? Well, you are not alone. A lot of users use their cellphones during night while on their bed. It can be quite a mess to configure brightness every now and then. Additionally it can be hard for eyes as well. With the night mode feature in UC Browser, you can switch your device to a “night-friendly” version and comfortably browse the web.

The night mode instead of lowering the brightness alone, changes the background to black. This makes it easy for eyes to use our smartphones for pro-longed hours without pain.

Download accelerator & manager ~ Every now and then while browsing the web, we come across stuff worth downloading. These can be pictures, songs, movies etc. While a slow Internet speed can hold you back, sometimes a download accelerator can make things easy.

The UC browser comes built in with its very own download system. It includes a download accelerator which increases your download speeds. The browser also comes equipped with its very own download manager. The manager lets you manage, pause, resume, remove tasks easily with a single touch.

uc browserThemes ~ It is usual for you to get bored with the same old layout of your default browser every time. While most of the web-browsers might not focus on this feature, uc browser has a built in option to change its theme. You can download themes from the ucskins free of cost and use them on your device. The website has large collection of themes, wallpapers and backgrounds which can be used in uc browser to make it more interactive.

Additionally, you can also set your own photos from gallery as web-browser’s background.

“Add-ons” worth “Adding” ~ If you are not satisfied with the functionality of your web-browser, you can add more functions to your browser by installing add-ons. There are couple of add-ons that come pre-installed with the application. More add-ons can be added into the browser free of cost.

There are add-ons such as :-

  1. Ad-block ~ Blocks advertisements from web-pages. These adverts are capable of consuming mobile data. With this add-on ads are instantly blocked from all web-pages. It blocks any kind of advertisement such as google ads, infolinks etc.
  2. Screenshot ~ Found something exciting on a web page ? Well you can easily save it by taking a screenshot of the page. This add-on comes built and lets you take clear screenshots of the web-page.
  3. Share ~ Want to share a web-page but there are no social media buttons ? The share add on in the browser lets you share the web easily on Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Email and messaging.
  4. Find in page ~ Finding something in a long web page can be pretty exhaustive. Thanks to the find in page add on, you can search for a text easily.
  5. OR Scanner ~ Are you curious to find what is behind a bar code ? You can scan it with the QR scanner and visit the web page associated with it.
  6. Clipboard ~ If you wish to use the copy/paste function, you can use it from the clipboard. The only difference is it saves every single bit of text you ever copied from web pages. It can be pretty useful if you keep safe some ideas or bit of information from a web-page.
  7. Speed mode ~ There is nothing more irritating than a slow internet speed. With the speed mode you can configure websites to load in lite, mobile or desktop to make them load faster according to your internet speed.
  8. Save page ~ The save page option lets you save web-pages so that you can view/read them later. This add-on saves all the pictures, text associated with the web-page too.

Notifications ~ One amazing feature the browser comes built in with is the capability to notify you of various things. Once you log in to your Facebook account, the browser sends you notifications when someone messages you, someone sends you friend requests, or you get a “notification” on Facebook. This makes surfing facebook much more easier.

The browser also has options to enable Quick search in notifications bar. This lets you search quickly from the navigation bar itself.

It also an amazing support for cricket. You can view live cricket scores and match schedules in your notification area.

Although these options can consume a lot of data, but these features can be turned on or off as per taste.

Final words – The app is light weight considering the long list of features and functions. With features of as much as 5 applications, this application weights only 10mb ! I’d rate this browser 4 out of 5.

I’ve been using this browser personally from the last 3 months. Earlier I used this browser on my Java based phone. The browser worked fine on it as well. Some weeks ago, I downloaded this for my desktop pc as well. The browser stood fine on my expectations. Some features I personally love in this application are add-ons, clipboard, speed mode.

If you’ve used this browser, or if you are currently using this browser, let me know your feedback and experience in the comments below. Leave your opinions, feedbacks and suggestions in the comments.

So, would you use the UC browser ?

UC Browser is possibly the only browser you need for your smartphone. The browser is built in with smart features like Download accelerator, Manager, Video player, themes, add-ons and much more.
Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Piyush Ranjan

Hello Rachit. Just got the notification and I need to check this. Well, I used to be a big fan of uc web but it has some limitations. Like it lags a bit on low end android devices. Plus some days earlier a major sequrity thread was on tranding that UC releases some important data of their users. Well, currently my fav browser is the stock one. No doubt that uc is one of the best browser.
Thanks buddy.
Piyush Ranjan Recently wrote an article 25+ Most Powerful & Professional Blogging Apps (Android)

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Piyush,

    Although I agree that UC lags on some low end android devices. I have tested it on Nokia X which has 512mb ram, and it worked fine.
    Getting to the security thing.
    Basically UC saves some data for their quality purposes. You can uncheck the option “Join UC Improvement program” and it won’t save any data.
    You need not to worry, this browser works awesome.

    Apart from this there are dozens of benefits of this browser.

    Nice to see you around again, thanks for commenting.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Amazing that browser can do all those things!

I’m not a heavy smart phone user, but they keep texting me to tell me I’m due an upgrade and when I do so I’ll come back and install this browser as it sounds as if that may be what I’m missing to make Internet use better for me.

Thanks for sharing, Joy

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Joy,

    UC Browser is indeed an awesome browser worth using. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

    Thanks for commenting.

Fakharuddin Manik

Hi Rachit,
UC Browser is one of the popular and awesome browser for Smartphone. And this browser works great to browse block websites easily.
Thanks for the nice review about UC Browser.
Fakharuddin Manik Recently wrote an article Revealed: The 15 Best Free Android Apps of 2016


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