What I learned About Time Management in Exams was Priceless


This is not my exam sheet. However it resembles mine strongly

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I am sure you’d be aware that I am school student.

I had exams from the last few weeks. For a student like me, who rushes to book in the last night of the exams, its hard getting marks as desired. It gets even harder when you don’t see a point in what you are studying !

My student life isn’t going to last long, only 4 months or maybe 5 are left !

Time is passing fast and I need to be ultra-fast in order to catch it as well. I’ve been putting all my concentration and efforts to blogging and online work, instead of my schooling. The result being a dramatic drop in my academic grades.

Low grades, didn’t came as a surprise as I knew I hadn’t prepared very well either. Finally my exams are over and I’ll share some lessons I learned about time management and preparing for anything during this time.

How Hard is the Last Night Preparation ?

No matter how smart you consider yourself to be, you’ll always fall if you choose last night preparation. Honestly there is nothing as “Last-night-preparation“, because there would be a thousand things running in your mind during the last night of the exams.

If I share my personal experience, I have tried it and failed miserably. Syllabus adds up as a whole big shack over time and becomes too much handle and cover in one night.

A lot of student try this method to prepare for their exams. There can be some who pass out as well, however 90% of those who do, will certainly fail.

It is scientific as well. When you learn something, you need to revise it in the first 12 hours, and then in the next 24 hours to grasp it clearly. Our first cycle of forgetting something starts in 12 hours, which makes it essential to revise the content we learned. And clearly you don’t get the revision time in the last night preparation.

Importance of Setting Priorities

If I talk about myself, study was my second priority and blogging was first on the list. However this goal setting was wrong. As per my school life, study ought to be the first priority.

To be able to do anything, you first need to set priorities. Deciding what is important and what is not, will give you a clear impression of what to do and what to postpone.

Always postpone tasks that can be achieved later.

For example, while preparing for the exams, you might feel an urge to watch a movie. It is natural and happens to everyone. You need to understand that movie can be watched later, however exams can’t be attempted later. Prioritize your tasks wisely.

After getting miserable grades, I learned that as a school student, scoring good grades should be my first priority.

Some Time Management Tips for Students

time management

In the meanwhile I learned some great time management tips. These tips will work charm if you use them from the starting. These are specifically for students, however anyone can use these tips and yield productive results.

  1. First, look at the big picture. In case it can be the final examination. Secondly, look at the steps you need to climb to reach that big picture. These include unit tests, practicals and other sort of things. Third, look at the time you have and finally decide how much chapter you have complete within a specific time to meet that target.
  2. Prepare for the steps, this will ultimately prepare you for the final goal. If you straight dive in for the big picture, it will appear very big and hard to achieve. However clearing these small steps won’t be that hard.
  3. If you complete a chapter before a specified time, don’t stop for a rest. Run to the next chapter, try covering the chapters before the time, to get extra revision time. While planning, keep a period of one week as the revision time.
  4. If you are managing more than one thing, it gets even hard. For example, I need to manage my studies, 3 blogs, 1 theme shop and several other freelancing work. If you too manage more than one thing like me, you literally need to cut crap time out of your schedule. Cut the time you spent on social media, television and other sort of things.
  5. Multi-tasking isn’t doing three or more tasks at a time. It means completing one task and moving back to the second quickly. Remember this point and don’t try studying while eating or sipping coffee.
  6. If you sleep for 8 hours, you are loosing 2 hours time a day. An ideal body needs only 6 hours of sleep. Cut your sleeping time if you wish to manage time.
  7. Use reminders, memos and stickers. If you often mess around because of forgetting things, use reminders, memos and stickers. You can even use alarms in your smartphone. But don’t get carried away with your smartphone either.
  8. To save time, exchange between work and study. As for me, I will blog or study. I’ll save time I spent on social media, my smartphone, laptops, and with friends. When I calculated, I literally saved 5 amazing hours daily by cutting all these things down.

Little Hacks that work in Student Life

I am however not satisfied with the usual tips and norms. I love finding a short route between a specified point “A” to “B”. Little hacks always attract me ( my blog title explains this best ). So, below are some little hacks that will bring charms in student life.

  1. We all have that one friend who is intelligent and always score maximum. Maintain a good relation with him/her if you can’t manage a good impression in front of professor/teacher. These students are loved by teachers and they often know which parts of chapter are important. If you are friends, you can get to know about that easily.
  2. Try to maintain a good impression in front of professor. I feel silly writing this point because I haven’t been able to do this myself. I am a back-bencher and you know how teachers perceive back-benchers. However I’ve managed to maintain my impression in front of the class teacher. I am telling you to be a teacher’s pet, I am just asking to be a little more helpful and polite. It helps, directly or indirectly.
  3. Self-study the chapters and circle out the doubts on a paper, and raise them in class. This won’t only clear your doubts, but also make you get a good student badge from teacher. But be careful don’t raise questions from another chapter.
  4. Attend the last days before exam, teachers reveal couple of things about the papers during these days.
  5. Save the class tests and prepare them while preparing for exam. Teachers are humans as well, and humans tend to revolve around a pattern.

Conclusion – I’ve been a bad student for the starting 6 months of last standard of student life. I have only 4 or 5 months remaining. I’ll follow the above tips and hacks myself to increase grades and academic performance dramatically.

Do you have some tips of time management for students, or some hacks for students ( not of cheating ). If you have some, leave them down in the comments below and I’ll love to include them in the post.

As I said in the post above, I’ll only concentrate of work and study ( no distractions ), you can expect the blog to be updated with fresh posts in regular time intervals.

Leave your suggestions, feedback and opinion in the comments below. You can also wish me luck for the rest of my student life. 🙂

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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