Blogging 101 : What is Event Blogging ?

event blogging

Have you ever heard of Event blogging ?

Don’t guess from the image above, it is pretty much different from what is shown in the image ( although quite same as well ).

A few days ago, a blogger contacted me to join her in building her event blog. The very moment she contacted me, I thought it would be a good idea to share what actually is event blogging.

I’ve been in the blogosphere for around one year now. During this time period, I came to learn a lot of aspects of blogging. Blogging now is not limited only to writing posts and publishing them on a blog. Bloggers are quite famous now, and spread everywhere on the web.

You post a 140 character tweet and you become a micro-blogger, you upload some videos on youtube and you become a video blogger, and there is much more to come. One among this long list comes event blogging. In this article I’ll introduce you what is event blogging.

What is Event Blogging ?

Event blogging refers blogging done solely for an event such as a game launch, software crack etc in which the main keyword is included in the domain name itself. For example blogs which are created on specific events such as movie, game launch, for providing cracks of a premium software. These blogs are created for generating income only.

These blogs are dedicated to one specific subject only. For example this blog “IDM crack serial key” provides crack, patch etc for Internet download manager only. I am just presenting this blog as an example. Although this blog earns nothing, but majority of the event blogs earn quite handsome money.

How do events blogs make money ?

In their short lived lifetime, these blogs are able to generate quite a good amount of money. These kind of blogs might not be able to create any brand, due to their short lifespan. Event blogs often don’t use Google adsense to make profits. These blogs rely on affiliate marketing for earning income, and they get awesome results as well.

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for these event blogs as most of the times these blog are up to promote a product or online service.

-> My own experiments with Event blogging

In 2014, I created a blog titled “Christmasdiscounts” in which I provided discounts coupons on products, gifts and greeting cards. This site was online for two months only and generated $981 in its lifespan. The profit made was pure affiliate marketing and included no Google adsense or anything else.

-> Characteristics of a Event blog ~

  • These blogs have the primary keyword in the domain name itself. For example the domain name of blog I mentioned above is This ensures high rank in google search results, which ensures high targeted traffic to the blog. Currently this blog ranks on the first page of google.
  • Because these blogs are aimed at profit generation. These blogs are either stuffed with Google adsense advertisements, pop-ups or use affiliate marketing to generate profits.
  • These blogs have quite short lifetime as compared to normal blogs. These blogs are created for an specific event only. After this, these blogs either disappear or the admin leaves the blog to be idle. The blog mentioned above too was last updated in 2012 , since then it hasn’t been updated.
  • These blogs aren’t able to create any brand. Most of the times they don’t achieve popularity on the web. However these blogs might be famous among spammers and kids who surf the web for download free cracks, earn quick cash etc.

Should you create a Event blog ?

After reading this article for a while, you might be wondering whether you should create a event blog or not. There are couple of pros and cons of event blogs.

The only way around you should create an event blog is if you wish to generate profits from it. Although you must note that you won’t be able to make any brand out of it.

Final words ~ This was just a lite introduction to Event blogging. There are thousands of event blogs created every day on the web. Not all of them generate profits, but the main purpose behind is to create profits.

Now its your turn. I’d love to hear your opinion, suggestions and feedbacks regarding Event blogging in the comments below.

Before going, What do you think it is beneficial to earn profits or creating a brand online ? [ Leave your answer in comments ]

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Yes I think it is beneficial to earn profit’s and make money online, I would love to do this !


Its good to do event blogging but i would like to ask you one question Rachit many newbies are running towards event blogging is its good to start blogging carrier with an event blogging?

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Vivek,

    I Guess there are two fold of opinions here. First it is a bad idea, as you will waste time on the internet without creating any brand or identity.

    Second Event blogging can give you quite a good amount of money, so you can build a awesome blog for creating brand.

    It depends on you, which way you prefer to choose.
    Thanks for commenting. Let me know what you’ll be going after.


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