Why Every Web-master Keeps Shouting About SEO ?

If you are a blogger or even if you own a website, you’ve probably heard a lot about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Last week a reader dropped me a question via the contact form, he wanted to know Why every Web-master keeps shouting about SEO on his/her blog. I found this question might be running in minds of several readers who are planning to start a blog/website or may be own one.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method which includes several tactics and strategies practiced by webmasters to increase traffic to their blog by ranking high in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Although there might be a hundred search engines, most of the web-masters focus on making their blog friendly to Google only. Reason being Google is a self taught web police and takes a major part of the web-revenue. In one my articles I explained how google indexes your pages and how to get your pages indexed fast, in case you missed it, give it a hit.

Now , coming to the question, why every web-master keeps shouting about SEO ?

The answer is simple and straight, because of its widespread importance across the web. SEO is such an important element of a website that there are thousands of web-companies who are making fair amount of revenue by providing SEO services to blogs and websites who need them.

SEO is an important aspect of every website or a blog, so important that if you don’t properly take care of it,you are likely to fail to create a brand on the web. Now you might be wondering, Why is SEO important ?

SEO and its Importance


Suppose you wrote a post containing tips on increasing height. You are going to spend hours producing high quality content. After some time you title the post “Height increasing Tips” , you saw that nobody read the post, there was no flow of traffic for your blog.

Hold, It doesn’t mean nobody is interested in increasing height. It simply means you messed up SEO and you are not ranking in Google.

Whenever you need any kind of information, what is the first thing you do ?

You type it on Google and within seconds you land at the website with required information. But what if your website is missing from google searches ?

If you consider the Example above,  do a bit of keyword research, you would know that people were searching for “How to Grow height fast in 30 days” this was the place you missed from google searches and hence nobody came to your website.

Now, ask yourself, have you made your website to watch it alone sipping an ice tea ? Or you wish to grow it as a brand over time.

Are You doing your SEO wrong ?

After reading the important of SEO, you might be wondering either you are doing SEO right on your blog or not. This part is pretty hard to tell as it depends of several things. If you are a wordpress blogger, there are thousands of plugins which make the life easier and make it somewhat easy to make your blog SEO friendly, but ultimately its all in your hands. Even if you aren’t wordpress blogger , there are several free tools online which promise good results , although I never tested them.

SEO has changed, over the time it has changed significantly. Earlier you could stuff your articles with keywords, build false backlinks and rank high on Google. But with several google algorithms, google made it hard for spammers to rank high in the searches. Result being users are getting better relevant content.

To know whether you are doing SEO correctly , go through the below points.

  • Do you have a SEO friendly theme ?
  • Does your blog loads fast enough ?
  • Are you writing high quality content ?
  • Do you buy / exchange false backlinks ?
  • Is your blog mobile responsive ?
  • Do you place the keywords at appropriate places in post ?

1. Do you have a SEO friendly theme ?

There are a lot of themes, making it hard to select a perfect theme which is both attractive and SEO friendly as well. If you are planning to optimize your blog for SEO, you can read this post on how to optimize your blog template for SEO.

If you want to avoid coding and all the mess, you can just simply purchase a premium SEO friendly theme from a marketplace and you are ready to go. If you are searching for the perfect theme for your blog I’d recommend sahifa WordPress theme. Read my sahifa theme review here.

   Download Sahifa WordPress Theme

An SEO friendly theme makes sure that you can concentrate on content creating and other aspects of your blog. A SEO friendly theme is one which renders logo or site name as H1 on home page and post title as H1 on post page, while rendering site name / logo as h4 on post pages. These are only a few things which a SEO friendly theme offers.

2. Does your Blog loads fast enough ?

While it may seem not relevant , it is a strong fact that google takes loading time as an aspect to position your site in search results.

   Check Site Loading Time

Most of the time site loads slow because of a poor host or poorly configured server. If you are using WordPress, you can reduce your load time by optimizing images, reducing requests, using a CDN, using a good web hosting company, move scripts to footer, minifying resources etc.

3. Are you writing high quality content ?

Google ranks websites with high quality content higher in the searches. If you are writing posts which rarely completely specify the topic you are writing about, you will increase your bounce rate and hence decreasing your position in google searches.

Write longer posts and make sure you teach the topic well. The more quality content you write, less will be your bounce rate and higher would be on Google searches.

4. Do you buy/exchange False backlinks ?

Google expects your backlinks to grow overtime as your produce quality content. You can increase your backlinks with backlink increasing programs and web-services etc. While it is expected that you produce good content and people link to your website and your backlinks grow naturally.

If you buy false backlinks, google will catch you very quickly and see you as spammer. So, it is a bad idea.

5. Is your site mobile responsive ?

According to the next google’s april 21st update google will expand mobile friendliness as a part of search engine rankings. Google is probably going to rank high websites who are mobile responsive. So, you need your website to be responsive i.e the one which fits well across all the screens.

There are lots of responsive themes if you are using WordPress as a CMS ( content management system ). You need to select a theme which is both SEO friendly and responsive as well. I recommend sahifa wordpress theme , which is both SEO friendly and mobile responsive as well.

   Download Sahifa WP Theme

6. Do you place keywords appropriately in your post ?

It is not recommended that you over stuff your post with keywords but it is widely recommended that you place keywords in the right spots in your post.

There are several plugins which help you optimize your post for SEO, although you can optimize your posts even without a plugin using the right meta keywords and placing keywords correctly in your post.

Final words – I Hope this article answers your questions and clears all your doubts. If you are a blogger , I would love to know the importance of SEO in your blog.

In one of my posts I’ve written about Best SEO tools you need to increase your traffic online. If you missed it, do check it from the link above.

Leave your suggestions and opinion in the comments below.

So, How much important is SEO in your site ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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