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Wideo is an amazing online tool that helps you to create amazing animated videos online. You can create videos without any prior video skills.

Wideo.co is a online animation tool for creating awesome professional marketing videos. The pretty tool can be used to create ultra professional videos without creating the need of you to mess your hands in. This can be quite beneficial for you if you are a video blogger. Even if you aren’t a video blogger you can create beautiful videos for tutorials and demos for your blog.

I got my hands on Wideo a few days back when a client of mine demanded to create a promotional video for his android and I-phone app. The project and demand both were fine; the troubling thing was shortage of time. Usually when I get to create a video I have a couple of days, in this case I had only a few hours. After searching a couple of FREE Online video generators I found this website.

I found the tool useful and worth to be shared with my readers. Since most of you are blogger I thought this tool might add the fifth star to your blog. Especially if you are a video blogger, this tool would make your videos stand out from the crowd. As I mentioned above too, it doesn’t matter if you are a video blogger or not, it doesn’t even matter if you are a blogger or not. You can just simply create awesome videos and share it among your friends.

In this review I’ll show you a detailed walk-through of this tool and explain how it can be beneficial for you to use this tool –

How “Wideo” Can be Useful for you


1. YouTube Monetization ~ A lot of readers ask me how much does it costs to start a blog. It took me $9 to start my first blog but you can create a YouTube channel for FREE and earn money from Google Adsense.

And when you are using youtube for generating income, you probably need to produce stunning and awesome videos for your audience. This is the place where Wideo comes to the rescue. It makes creating videos walk in a park and reduces the work time by 90%!

If you are not a professional video editor or haven’t messed your hands with video editing, then this tool could be a great help for you. The tool needs no coding, programming etc. to create a video. It shows you the whole thing as a power-point presentation, where you can make changes in a drag and drop manner. Video editing can’t get easier for you.

2. Demo/Tutorials Teaching videos ~ If you are in a tech niche, like me you probably need to create a lot of tutorials and walk-through articles. While using the images makes it easy to understand, adding a video would make the article the “Complete Guide”.

A lot of blogs create tutorial videos which has a great impact on their subscribers and readers. Probably there is nothing better than a Step-By-Step video guide when creating a “How-to” tutorial of something.

Hence, if you are a blogger you should probably give this one a hit.

How to Use Wideo.co ~ Step by Step Guide to Create Your First Video

Using wideo is easy, and involves no rocket science. It’s very easy to use , basically what it does is allow you to make something like a power point presentation ( something with which you are familiar with ) with animations, effects, texts etc. The video is then first rendered into frames and converted into video for Download or sharing. Below is a Step by Step set of instructions on how to Create your first video with Wideo ~

  • Register for an account on Wideo.co (Yes, It’s FREE)
  • After you register, login to your dashboard and click on Templates, or click on New Video. Both will take you to the same page where you’ll come across several templates. Click on them and choose the one which suits your needs perfectly.
  • Click on “Edit” and after loading for a while something like power-point would open where you can change/swap/edit/add various elements such as text/images/animations and configure them according to your need. This is quite easy and is totally upon how creative you are.
  • After you finish creating your video, you can download it or upload it on Youtube. Meanwhile you can also share it on Facebook , Twitter.

Creating your First Video

Now, let me show you how easy is it. Lets create a sample video for Hacknovation’s Android app. I have already collected screenshots, images and favicon which I need to use in the “Wideo”. This is Indeed the first thing you should do, collect all the images and text you are going to use in the image. Once you have your backpack ready, you can go ahead.

wideo templates

Wideo has a lot of templates, Because I needed to create a Mobile app presentation I used the above marked template. Apart from this you can also create videos for Ipad, computer apps etc. Click on the template and click “Edit” to start customizing the template.

swap image

There are lot of places where you would need to change the default sample image and place your own image such as APP Icon, name and app screenshots. Click on the photo and select “SWAP” to change with your own image. After making a couple of similar changes here and there and in the video I finally made a video for my android app. You can check the video on my Youtube Channel.

Final Words – I’ve used wideo for couple of days, and found the tool worth to be shared among bloggers. Not only you can make a handsome earning with it on Youtube with Google Adsense. You can also increase your popularity among your audience and friends by showing them beautifully crafted videos.


The plans at wideo are affordable too. Registration is free and takes no credit card details, you can also create unlimited number of free videos, but to download them in HQ and remove branding you would need to upgrade to a pro account which is affordable as well. Apart from downloading and branding being removed you also have some other benefits of upgrading. There are three plans available for you to choose from, I recommend the pro plan as It is more than sufficient for bloggers.

Your words matter – If you’ve used this tool I’d love to hear you in the comments. Also If you are going to use this tool, let me know. I would love to hear your opinion , suggestions regarding this tool. If you make a video with this tool, feel free to share the link below in comments.

So, Did you made your first “video” with “Wideo” ?

Wideo is an amazing online tool that helps you to create amazing animated videos online. You can create videos without any prior video skills.
Rachit Singh

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Vidisha Kaithal

It seems quite cool!

    Rachit Singh

    It is… thanks for commenting you should probably give it a hit.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit,

That sounds a tool I ought to have a try using. I should be better at videos that I am (MUCH better!)

Thanks for showing us, Joy

    Rachit Singh

    Wideo is awesome tool if you want to create videos and presentations. I’ve impressed a lot of clients with this tool. I’d be glad if you checked it out.


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