5 WordPress Alternatives That Will Make Your Site Stand Out

5 WordPress Alternatives That Will Make Your Site Stand Out

Everybody knows WordPress.

It is one of the most flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use content management systems (CMS) anyone can work with to build and run professional-looking websites without spending a ton of money. Aside from creating wonderful blogs, it’s also good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and building ecommerce sites.

However, WordPress has become too popular that it has completely overshadowed the existence of other great content management systems you might just love. These alternatives, of course, have their own sets pros and cons, as well as similarities with WordPress.

Note: Some platforms may require you to purchase web hosting to upload the files. If you have yet to decide which hosting service is fit for you, check out Hosting Facts for a comprehensive breakdown of each hosting platform, helping you decide which among the available ones are best suited for you.


Typed Build a Website and Blog From Anywhere

First on the list is the elusive Typed.com. It is a blogging platform that is as simple as its name. Sure, it may not have a vast library of plugins or extravagant themes. But anyone can build a beautiful, minimalist blog using this platform in less than a minute.

Yes, that’s less than 60 seconds.

Remember that blogging in its purest form doesn’t have to be complicated. If it is your desire to provide your audience with content straight from your heart, then this platform could be for you. In fact, blogs using Typed.com often look a lot more professional and clean than what most average WordPress users can concoct.


Build a Website Squarespace

Squarespace is a CMS that’s often compared with WordPress, and it’s really not difficult to understand why. It is complete with everything you need to create websites with all sorts of functionality. However, using Squarespace segregates projects into three types: landing page, website, and store.

One clear advantage of Squarespace over WordPress is its ease of use. In WordPress, you have to preview your work on a separate page as you edit the content. On the other hand, Squarespace has a drag-and-drop interface and will treat you with a live preview of your web page as you work. This is why Squarespace is perfect for those who lack the technical knowledge or the patience needed to learn how to build a site.

Squarespace also arguably has better customer support. Their team will usually get back to you within 60 minutes or less. And although WordPress has a huge library of resources for site owners, it’s often confusing and difficult to find the exact answer for your problems.

A disadvantage of Squarespace, however, is the straightforwardness of building a page. It might be nice for those who want to build a website fast, but it ultimately makes the platform less flexible.


Weebly Website Builder Create a Free Website Store or Blog

Weebly is another flexible platform that’s comparable to Squarespace and WordPress. With it, you can easily build a clean and professional-looking website for various purposes. Just like the first two, Weebly has plenty of beautiful themes you can implement so you can focus more on making content.

Weebly also has a drag-and-drop interface for its site creator, which is always useful for those who want to rapidly develop their website. Depending on your chosen theme, each new page element you add such as text boxes and images will automatically adjust to make sure your site looks organized.

An excellent feature of Weebly is the ability to perform updates on your site using only the mobile app. This is great for those who might need to make adjustments on the fly. It also has a performance-tracking section, which is useful if you want to split test different site layouts.


Sign up Tumblr

Tumblr is a platform with some similarities with the other content management systems mentioned in this list, including Typed.com. It is mainly used for blogging, which is why it is a great option if it’s what you’re after. It also has similar site-building features you can find on Squarespace and Weebly.

The main feature of blogger is its social aspect. This is great for attracting leads to another website or service. Tumblr blogs with good traffic can also be monetized through ads. And although some people can sneak in affiliate links here and there, creating a blog for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing is prohibited.

While the community is the most important advantage of Tumblr, it is also one of its weak points. In addition to the lack of flexibility for added functionality, a portion of the Tumblr community is comprised of young people with the sole intent of socialization. This makes certain niches underperform from within this platform.


Textpattern CMS – A flexible elegant and easy to use content management system

TextPattern is an open source CMS that you’ve probably never heard of before. It has three main selling points – simplicity, speed, and flexibility.

At first look, you will immediately notice TextPattern’s minimalistic approach in web development. Although it is simple enough for bloggers to start writing in minutes, it is also powerful enough to create sophisticated websites.

Everything in the admin interface is properly and clearly labelled for easy navigation such as articles, categories, files, links, and presentation. And if you need more functionality added fast, you can rely on the hundreds of available plugins for the platform.

Remember that the developer builds the site, not the CMS. Choosing the right WordPress alternative that will help you meet your site’s objectives is the first step to establishing your online presence. Take your time and review your options carefully before you commit.

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Abhilash P S

Hi Christopher,
I heard about Tumblr before but never heard about Typed.com, Textpattern and others. We can increase the safety measures of a WordPress website by using some security plugins to prevent attacks. When thinking about online security WordPress would be a safe choice. Does these platforms have enough security features to prevent an outside attack? Well Thank you Christopher.

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We are a married couple from Mumbai, India and we are very keen on growing a successful blog and one day – hopefully, get to the stage where we can make some money from it, to keep the fires at home burning.

It is our first venture into the world of blogging and the tips you have given are sure to help us. Thank you for sharing.

Vee N Ric
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